Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Ironman Triathletes Train With Health Club Technology 

Group fitness classes at Bodyworks Fitness in Parksville, British Columbia are in high demand. Like many fitness centers, their goal with group fitness is to attract members and keep current members better engaged. The difference, however, between what most clubs offer and what club owner Dale Nagra offers, is significant. 

In January of 2012 Dale made the decision to add the amenity that would change the way his club operated. Fitness On Request is a comprehensive, video-based group fitness platform that allows Dale to offer classes all day, every day in his facility – and it’s costing him less than 50 cents per class! On a touch-screen kiosk users browse through dozens of classes, select the class that interest them, and within minutes watch it begin in front of them on a massive HD screen. The system allows Dale to increase offerings for his members and simplify the management process, all while saving money – a win-win for Dale, his members, and his bottom line.  “We used to have to increase our membership prices to cover the costs of group fitness. Fitness On Request is affordable enough that we can keep our prices low and still offer MORE to our members. We’re definitely increasing sales because of it. It impresses people a lot.”  
Judy Richardson, Jackie Allen & Kim Williamson

At Dale’s facility, his members are taking approximately 300 classes per month! Among his active members is Jackie Allen, who, along with two partners Judy Richardson and Kim Williamson,  is currently training for her first Ironman Triathlon. These women have been using Fitness On Request to train for their competition by taking classes together and individually. “These classes are a great option for us. We usually take the 50 minute cycle classes together because we need to build our endurance and we need a tough workout,” Jackie says. “By the time I finish one of those classes, I’m drenched! It’s a really great workout.”

Jackie has been an athlete her entire life and is always looking for solutions to her fitness routine. “Besides just training for the Ironman, I was really interested in the Fitness On Request programming because there is so much variety.” Jackie participates in wide variety of class genres including yoga/Pilates, strength and conditioning, cycle and more. “Normally I’d wonder how I would have time to do all of these activities, but with this program, I have all of those options right in one spot and I can do it whenever I have time available.” 

Dale Nagra, Bodyworks Fitness Owner 
The flexibility and convenience of Fitness On Request is a critical piece for Jackie’s schedule. “I like that there are different class lengths. If I come in on my lunch hour I may only have time for a 20 or 35 minute class, but then on the weekends or at night I can take a longer class.”  She goes on to admit, “Sometimes when I work out, I don’t want to have to think. But if I can just go to the gym and press a button and have an instructor tell me exactly what to’s great. I’m constantly telling people what a great tool Fitness On Request is. I just love it!” 

The benefits of Fitness On Request come full circle in Dales club as it benefits his bottom line, the value offer for his members, and even the relationship he has with his members. “Throughout the 11 years that my club has been in business, I’ve never had as much positive feedback or as many “thank-you”s from my members as I get because of Fitness On Request. We’ve had such awesome feedback from them. It’s definitely been worth it for us.” 

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