Thursday, July 5, 2012

60 New Memberships In Two Days

Anytime Fitness: Steubenville, Ohio
Arieh Ordronneau, owner of Anytime Fitness in Steubenville, Ohio was happy to report a SIXTY member increase this October after a two day launch party of their newest feature: Fitness on Request.

60 members in two days? How?
It was this time last year that Arieh was opening his club, and in celebration of the club’s first anniversary, an in store party was held to promote Fitness On Request and discounted memberships. The sale took place from Wednesday to Thursday offering customers $2 membership signups, and the first month and key card free if they signed a one year contract.

Why Fitness On Request?
Arieh was initially hesitant to invest in Fitness On Request for his club, but in his words, “the response has been fantastic. People like the 24-hour availability and having new equipment available. Fitness on Request forces people to push a little more than they usually do."

Working FOR into the Sale
During the party Arieh took prospects on a tour of his facility. At the beginning of the tour Arieh led customers into the group exercise studio and provided a demonstration of Fitness On Request by beginning a class. At the end of the tour prospects were able to return to the room and by this time see a class in action. Arieh estimates that close to 75% percent of his sales were influenced by FOR and “almost everyone was thoroughly impressed (especially when the screen came down).”

How much did it cost?
His party idea and FOR system caught the eye of the front page of Sunday’s paper after an interview he had arranged with the local paper. He then had a flyer insert in the Monday paper promoting the sale as well as sending out promotional e-mails. The total money spent on marketing was $800 for an insert in papers to 10,000 homes. Between the three marketing efforts, most prospects mentioned the article in Sunday’s paper.

Arieh’s only regrets? In his opinion, bigger would have been better. Next year’s party in Steubenville might be a festival with food, balloons, and more.

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