Thursday, July 5, 2012

Closing Memberships "On The Spot"

Alex LaVellee and Joe Penrose are partners in the Anytime Fitness location in Richmond, Rhode Island. Alex and Joe saw their purchase of Fitness On Request as a way to generate member interest and differentiate from their competition. These were their primary goals. They had little familiarity with Fitness On Request, and primarily word of mouth recommendations, but they saw the potential and decided to embrace the concept.

Once they started using Fitness On Request they found after a few months that their closing rates were increasing. Before they installed it closing rates had been in a steady decline for months. The trend immediately reversed and actually increased substantially in just a couple of short months.
They also found that their members were willing to pay an extra $10 for the Security Key Access Fee to have Fitness On Request in their club. The immediately increased their key access fee by $10. They now charge $49.97.

Promotion — Start Out With a Bang
First, they led with a promotional campaign to coincide with the launch of Fitness On Request. They created a promotion of a “Free 7-Day Trial Membership” that got new people in the door, people who wanted to be part of a health club. Fitness On Request acted as a tie-breaker between any other club and theirs. Sign up rates began to increase.

Integrating Fitness On Request into their “Club Tour for New Members” —Adding the WOW Factor
Taking the members on the tour of the club now ends with Fitness On Request. While the prospect sees and hears many of the Anytime Fitness advantages during the tour, Fitness On Request puts them over the top. “Fitness On Request enables us to close prospective members on the spot”, said Alex LaVallee. “It removes the need to wait and decide or compare, because no other club in the 24/7 market has classes available whenever you want them. When they see the system and we tell them it comes with their membership, they ask us where they can sign. It IS the membership ‘closer’.”

How You Manage the Classes Can Help Gain Interest
Alex and Joe build excitement about Fitness On Request in their own club by organizing several classes each day, during busy morning and afternoon times so that members could see FOR in use, get excited, and curious enough to try it for themselves. “The response has been incredible, we are so pleased with our decision to buy Fitness On Request that wedesigned it into our newest club opening in October. We are also getting ready to sign for our 3rd club, and we will besure to have it in that one too,” said Joe Penrose.

Ongoing Promotion — Never Stop Promoting
Alex and Joe have been working with Fitness On Request for over a year. They continue to promote the system to their members and prospective members to keep everyone engaged with the system and continue to make it an integral part of their club and a focal point of their new member tour.

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