Thursday, July 26, 2012

How I Added 300 New Memberships Per Club

Andy Gundlach, owner of over 15 health clubs in the Wisconsin area, entered 2010 with a unique strategy.  Knowing the value of differentiation in his competitive market, he made plans to retrofit eighty percent of his clubs with Fitness On Request, the market leader and innovator in flexible group fitness software.

Andy knew that at the 3 year point of a club’s maturity, a large chunk of memberships fall off.  “We installed Fitness On Request in most of our clubs in late 2010 and early 2011 in order to offer something new and different.  Combining the new attribute with a marketing effort, we were able to average about 300 new members per club!” 

Focusing his energy on adding the new systems and doing little else to his clubs, Andy attributes almost all of his recent club growth and success to his newest amenity, Fitness On Request. He has now installed a system in 13 of his 16 total clubs and has plans to purchase another soon.

In May 2012 Andy, along with hundreds of other Fitness On Request customers, received a brand new (and exclusive) series of classes, produced by Elements Group Fitness. Elements classes are the culmination of years of collaboration with the some of the most respected professionals in the fitness industry. Produced by Fitness Hall of Fame member, Linda Shelton, Elements classes are results-driven and interactive - an exciting upgrade for all Fitness On Request customers.

Last year Andy proudly accepted the “Owner of the Year” award within his franchise corporation, as well as his true prize that comes from a thriving business and happy customers.

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