Thursday, July 5, 2012

Shocking Weight Loss from Health Club Technology

In January 2009, Nick Guidry looked in the mirror and didn’t like what he saw. It was over the next year that he lost an astonishing 73 pounds. Though consistent workouts and healthy eating are commonly considered “the old fashioned way,” the tools Nick used were anything but old fashioned. He attributes much of his success to a dedicated commitment to his health clubs latest feature: Fitness On Request. On January 5, 2009 Nick weighed in at 232 pounds, and by December 5, 2009 the scale had dropped to 159 – cutting his total weight by almost a third.

The Beginning of Change
His story starts before the weight loss journey as Nick was an active LPN/EMT in the United States Army serving overseas in Afghanistan.  Knowing what being in shape felt like, Nick was able to quickly detect what being out of shape felt like. It was months after his return from overseas when Nick came face to face with his weight gain. “I saw a picture of myself and I wondered what happened.”

Why Fitness On Request
He wanted to learn, wanted to be challenged, and tried every kind of workout he could find. He used multiple extreme home workouts and professional DVDs. “I’ve done them all,” Nick quotes. But after trying so many programs, Nick was asked why Fitness On Request caught his attention and got him hooked. “It wasn’t in my living room,” he responded. “It gets me away from my house and into the gym.” Nick has been using Fitness On Request 2-3 times a week since January 2009.  He compares some of the advanced level classes to “the same intensity and tempo as an actual boot camp”.

Convenience That Made A Difference
As a nursing student, Nick needed a routine that could match his unusual schedule. Fitness On Request provided a solution of flexibility and availability. “I have school at night, so now I can go in any time during the day and take a class.  I like the convenience of being able to take a variety of classes whenever I want to and it accommodates my schedule.” He usually takes a class either by himself or with a small group of others depending on what time of day he’s at the gym.

Nick’s dedication to Fitness On Request proved worthwhile. He lost 8 inches around his waist, dropped his cholesterol by over 100 points, and lowered his blood pressure from 150/90 to 118/60. “Fitness on Request has helped me maintain my weight and improve my health.” The convenience of the system and the professional accountability is provided, gave Nick the extra push to staying consistent. It’s no wonder he got amazing results.

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