Thursday, July 5, 2012

Health Club Welcomes Growth Despite Great Competition

Monte Pearce, owner of Anytime Fitness in Nixa Missouri needed a competitive edge. In a town of about 16,000 people and a total of 8 fitness centers for locals to choose from, Nixa’s market for fitness is oversaturated to say the least. Anytime Fitness knew the importance of standing out from the crowd and creating a fitness center that draws members in.

How It Was Marketed
Monte was able to use Fitness On Request both as a value increase in his club and an incentive for new member sign ups. He ran an advertisement in the city paper announcing a ribbon cutting for Fitness On Request and the changes taking place at their club. He announced that membership prices would be increasing, but not for another week, encouraging people to sign up quick! The current price would be locked in for existing members and those that signed up within the week. There was no additional charge for use of the system. They made t-shirts and promotional items to give out as prizes for trying a class or answering a “question of the day”. With Fitness On Request he was able to increase membership prices, while still creating urgency for new member sign ups.

The Bottom Line
Besides offering something flashy and exciting, Monte and his team knew they needed something that would influence the bottom line. “What Fitness On Request brought to our club was a great retention tool, and a great closing tool. Once we show [customers] the system and tell them there’s no facility in the area that offers something like it, it makes closing the sale a lot easier.”

Monte installed Fitness On Request this past summer, a “dead season” historically for them. As the cool fall months brought increased membership sign ups, Monte and his team did an analysis to measure how many of their recent sales were a direct results of installing Fitness On Request. They counted 48 members that had signed up solely because of the system – approximately 40% of total sign ups that period. “Those [48] are customers we don’t believe we’d have if it weren’t for Fitness On Request,” Monte mentions. These results were measured either by a customer visiting after hearing about the system, or staff understanding it to be the closing factor. “We’ve had many members get their friends to sign up so that they can take a class together,” he adds proudly.

Despite a competitive market, Monte Pearce found a solution to increase memberships for his gym and raise the bar for health clubs in Nixa, Missouri.

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